Serge Tomé - introduction

Born in 1956, a happy wedding, two children. My education in physics has given me an unusual look on the world. Thanks to my job as network specialist, I have a lot of short instants to daydream.

More than ten years ago, I discovered the T'ang and chan Chinese poetry. I appreciate this way of describing the world through little touches, in raw, leaving the reader reconstructing images, and its integration of the sensitive world. I prefer short forms, evanescent. Haiku seems to me a logical path, an effective technic.
I write because I like it, to share emotions, instants to remember. I publish on different internet mailing-lists and servers.

I have created several haiku internet sites to show the diversity of the genre and to help good authors to be known. They are each a personal involvement to offer to authors and associations a space for publication free from any commercial constraints open to the international community. :

temps libres - free times : :
On of the first sites of the emerging international haiku community. A site dedicated to information, publication, reading, contact, but also a weekly, monthly page and a dozen of sites of invitees.

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haiku from Alaska. The North, day by day.

War haiku : Anthology of Haiku during war times

La Route du Nord / Road to the North...
Découvrir le Nord par le haïku et les genres apparentés.
Discover the North through the haiku and other related genres.

India !
Découvrir l'Inde par le haïku.
Discover India through the haiku.

Angelika Kolompar (Canada)
Jour après jour, la vie...
Life, day after day ...

Marjorie A. Buettner (USA)
In the living season ... De merveilleux tankas et haiku sur l'amour, la mort, l'absence, le temps qui fuit. Une poésie riche de sensations, de sensualité intense, de désespoir parfois, très proche de la poésie japonaise de la période Heian.

In the living season ... These are wonderful tanka and haiku about love, death, absence and time. It is a poetry rich with feelings: sometimes sensual, sometimes despairing yet always close to the Japanese poetry of the Heian Period.

Alenka Zorman (Slovenie)
Soirs d'été : Le haïku au jour le jour, un style intimiste, une très large palette d'émotions.
Summer evenings : Haïku day by day, an intimistc style, a very large palette of emotions.

Au bord du fleuve - Micheline Beaudry (Quebec, Canada)

Ikuyo Yoshimura (Gifu, Japon)
Cercle d'écriture de haïku en anglais

Carole MacRury (USA)
Between the Tides

Haiku from Islam
Découvrir l'Islam par le haïku. (in English)

Aozora : The portal of haiku in the Balkans with about twenty subsites and all available information about the haiku activity in the region. Closed since 2006.

Angelee Deodhar (Chandigahr, Inde) :
Haiku in its fullness, its serenity, its doubts.

but also :

LOuve, montagnaise (Québec) : : Quelques textes inoubliables entre la rivière et la mer, Louve Mathieu nous parle de son regard sur le monde, ses amours, ses doutes, ses peurs, son identité amérindienne...

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Serge Tomé
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