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Cormorants over the river

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J'écris des haïkus depuis 1996. Au fil des jours, comme la vie passe. J'ai préféré les rassembler ici afin de clarifier l'image de mais aussi afin de disposer de plus de liberté de parole sans engager les auteurs publiés sur le site.
Published on free times/ since September 1999. Updated :

Gaza - October 2023 : I wholeheartedly support the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance (including Hamas) under Israeli bombardment. I'm for a Palestine free of illegal Zionist occupation, at peace with its neighbors and where everyone has their place. The land stolen by the Zionist settlements must be returned, and international law respected by all. Those guilty of war crimes must be tried and sentenced. The international community has been too tolerant of a rogue state that respects neither international law, nor the laws of war, nor humanitarian law, nor Palestinian property. The current Israeli state must be dismantled and replaced by a state that meets international standards. Translated with (free version)

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My haiku day after day since Septembre 2001 : the year in haiku. (2020-02-04)
Séquences : la vie, l'actualité, les révoltes...
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The first haikus

A walk in my haiku through index by themes, by seasons (before 2001)
Sequences : Life, news, protests...
Promenade dans mes haïku selon des index (avant 2000)
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fractures: Yugoslavia, Spring 99. (on
Haigas Haikus Illustrated by Indian ink wash drawings, (on

In memoriam to my friend Cindy Lynn Zackowitz (1965 - 2012)

Some theoretical aspects of haiku

Un kit - livret ressources pour débuter en haïku...
Haïku : Une approche par les contraintes. Un livre de théorie sur la composition du haïku. Première présentation au Camp Haïku de Baie Comeau 2007.
Mes notes personnelles d'écriture. (sur

Haiku in practice

Haiku in action...

- Articles, essays, uses, accounts. (on
Senryus and haikus against the war in Iraq (The US Empire at war..)

Haiku as a protest

- manifestations, révoltes, actualités 2020-02-04.

Haiku as a trip notation...

- Haiku in practice; easy to write, it is written everywhere, quickly. It is a very good tool to capture images, to write down one's trip impressions.
Journeys notes, haibun... 2022-12-27


Haibuns 2011-12-18

Engagements personnels

Gaza - July 2014 : My heart is with the Palestinian families crushed by Israelian bombings. I support a Palestine freed from illegal occupations. Stolen lands by illegal colonies must be given back to the owners.

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